The Saga of Thistles and Roses

The Saga of Thistles and Roses is a post-apocalyptic, mythical fantasy set in the 27th century.

We enter a world where everyone has developed some level of mental ability – where mythical beasts no longer trust people to live unsupervised, and magic is no longer magic – but something far more normal. The abilities and gifts of the general population, lying dormant below the surface; became heightened in the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse 600 years before – The world’s last-ditch attempt to end the tyrannical rule of Reginald I.

Vast swaths of humanity were wiped out, leaving only those who could afford their way into a hidden nuclear shelter, and those with enough latent power to survive the blast and radiation sickness that followed.

These surface dwellers struggled – for a time; until each little group found its own specific niche – and the population thrived. Now numbering in their thousands, people live side by side with the beasts of the world – who will never forget the destruction that unsupervised humanity unleashed; and intend never to allow it to happen again.

This saga is split into four series:

The Warrior Queen – where we follow the story of Mòrag and her companions throughout the lands of Alba and Sasann.

The Unwilling Empress – In this sequal to the first series, we follow Rayven and Robin around the world from the now Disunited States, to Russki, and Iapan, and many in-between. Some of the characters from the first series remain as do important threads of stories begun in the previous books.

The Dawn of Darkness – this series focuses on the origin of the dark demon who caused the nuclear apocalypse in the 21st century. We enter this series in 356 B.C and follow this evil throughout the centuries leading up to Mòrag’s timeline.

Origins – this final series of the saga focuses on the stories of particular well loved individuals of the saga, and details their backstory and how they grew into the characters that stole your hearts.