Hidden Dagger

Hidden Dagger

Another whiplash strikes,
across my back with glee,
I tense against the acid sting,
upon my bended knee.

Dirty scars that run too deep,
I thought I knew so well,
if only I had known these wounds,
were conjured up in hell.

I could trust you more than most,
at least that’s what I thought,
although it seems to be quite clear,
not trust but pain you’ve brought.

I poured my woes out on the floor,
bled my heart right out to you,
you promised me it was all lies,
and that it hurt you too.

But that was anything but true,
corrupted roots run deep,
I see now you were stirring lies,
while I was asleep.

To tired and to blind to see,
my hell was caused by you,
my whip held firmly in your hand,
But rest assured, Karma will come to you.