Bonnie Black Lassie

Bonnie Black Lassie

Bonnie Black Lassie,
E’er so batty,
She brightened oor day,
Wi a whine and an oof,
The bonniest black dug,
Noo there that’s the truth!

Wi thon big wet nose,
That near ne’er missed ye,
Thon big rough tongue,
That slobbered tae kiss ye,
Fluffier ears ye ne’er did see,
And pantaloons tae match,
Oo-eer michty me!

The wag o’ yer tail,
Made a’body wail,
When it battered their calves,
Or knocked o’er a vase,
Or scattered black clumps,
O’ her hair en mass,

Tae tumble aboot,
Like all tumbleweeds do,
Tae drive ye insane,
Wi the fluff aw spread through…
The washing and drying,
The sink and the hall,
Yer clothes and yer books,
And the fridge n’all!

Playful expressions,
And woofs o’ agreement,
Argument… compliment,
You’d ne’er believe it,
Tae argue yer point,
Tae the dug of all things,
Och but she’s so bonnie,
She even sings,
Far special occasions mind,
No all the time,
But when that black dug sings,
You bet she sings fine,

Now the room feels empty,
We’re aw pretty glum,
And the black dug’s no here
Tae offer her tum,
For a good dose o’ scratching,
Coz that’s what she’d love,
Well, that and any food,
She’s no s’posed tae huv!

We miss yer lolloping tongue,
And yer scratchedy tum,
When ye’d fart an swear blind,
“Fae me it’s no come!”
Yer waggly bum,
And yer fluffity ears,
Will make us giggle,
For years upon years,
It’s no even been long,
We can still smell yer pong,
But good god dog,
We’re all gonnae miss ye!