Alice sat at her dressing table. Garbed in her oriental dressing gown she felt comforted. She hardly ever brought it out of the storage box where it was kept. Only once a year did it taste the light of day, and even then, only for a few hours. She ran the paper thin skin of her fingers over the aged fabric, hugging herself tightly.

Alice was a woman of few possessions. Most of her treasures were sold off with her house. Auctioned off to the highest bidder to bay for her bed and board at this home for the elderly. A fact that upset her greatly. She had only fallen twice, they didn’t have to pack her up like a dog and send her to the kennels!

She had managed to save a few of the treasures that Albert had given her during their life together. A dusty old radio that they used to take when they went camping every summer, An ebony goat hair brush and mirror That he had bought for her on their honeymoon. A silver locket with the faded inscription. No longer readable but she knew every word.

Two hearts, one soul, love eternal

When she had opened it and engagement ring had fallen out onto her lap and she has sobbed with joy. And finally her oriental dressing gown that he brought with him when he returned from Japan after the war.

Still hugging the fabric of her dressing gown, Alice sighed ‘Happy Christmas Albert.’