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My blended Graded Unit 2 & Packaging 2 brief from my Graphic Design HND

Hiya luvvies!

I thought I would share with you today some images from my Graded Unit 2 &  Packaging 2 units (that’s 2 double credit units… i.e. this project is essentially worth 4 units in total) from my HND. Continue reading

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What does ‘fine’ mean?

Originally posted on It Must Be Mum:
By Rosie and Jo’s mum. “When she’s in school, she’s fine…..” “Once you’ve dropped her off, she’s fine.” “She’s been fine all day.” I’ve probably heard these phrases and other variations of them…

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No. It’s not ok.

So last week something happened at college that I didn’t expect to happen. I made a comment to my partner in creative crime Holly (@hollyjollyfish) and the reaction of the class was really quite over the top and utterly unnecessary. … Continue reading

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Why We Need to Take ‘High-Functioning’ Anxiety Seriously | The Mighty — REBLOGGED

When you imagine anxiety, what do you see? Shaking, crying, screaming? Panic attacks, hyperventilating, incoherent sentences? For some people, this is what it is like. But it’s not always the case. What does “high-functioning” anxiety look like? It looks like … Continue reading

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The Gas-lighting of Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum

Originally posted on Seventh Voice:
Of all the traits attributed to Women on the Autism Spectrum, there remains one that not only continues to go unrecognized as a valid trait but has also suffered the fate of being reconstructed by…

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A Little to the Left of Normal – A Short Note on Acceptance

So I have been convinced (publically at least) that I was on the spectrum for a year now and formally diagnosed since 16th December 2016. Four months of formal diagnosis and I have to say that while on the most … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day — MY BOOKS ARE FREE TODAY

Well it’s that time again. I mean time for the free offer on my books. Because it’s Mother’s Day today so why not huh? FREE FREE FREE BOOKS! If you are unfamiliar with my series I have detailed below for you … Continue reading

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