Micro Update

Well good morning all. I have some wifi available today, so I thought it best to post a wee teeny update as I've been pretty much MIA for the past month.

So firstly… the kids and I are okay. That's the most important thing I need to say. We're okay.

Secondly, I have no broadband and only 2gb of phone data so when it's gone it's gone. I have all push notifications turned off on my phone except Messenger and WhatsApp which are on but limited in the frequency of notifications to save data.

If I don't message you back, don't take it personally, I am most likely low on data and/or haven't even gotten your message as my notifications are limited (as already mentioned)

I have found myself a new author I am able to read (which as you may know, for me is a feat in itself) 2 actually though I have only read 2 of Alwyn Hamilton's books (Rebel in the Sand & Traitor to the Throne) I want to read the 3rd which isn't available yet. The other is Joe Abernathy. He has that raw, kick in the balls, spade rule style of writing that really works for me. It's my method of writing and so how could I not love it? I devoured his Half a King, Half the World & Half a War books in only a week. Considering my problems with reading and processing that information, that's crazy fast for me. I think the only other books I have been able to read that fast are Sabriel, Lirael & Abhorsen by Garth Nix and Demon Bound, Demons Unbound (Beta) & iCon (working title and very Beta) by David Parkland. It's well known that I can't read most of what I pick up and want to read, so it's nice to find a new author I can add to my small collection.

I would like to put up some reviews for these books I have been reading, but at present I don't have the will in me to sit and write them out, and not really anything in the way of a connection to post them if I did, except for when I am at my mum's or the library where there is free wifi. So reviews will have to wait. Just like pretty much everything else right now. Life is on hold. And while I'm not okay with that, I know something better is just around the corner, and I'm prepared to be on hold for a good long while.

So that's it for my micro update. I hope you are all well and I hope it won't be too long until I'm back in the game rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Cherie-bye the noo luvvies xxx

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2 Responses to Micro Update

  1. LizScanlon says:

    I’m glad to hear you and the kids are doing OK!
    It’s strange but a lot of people I know have some sort of struggles in their lives, myself included.. everything is in the bloody pits… magnetic fields messing with lives or something? heh… I hope the ‘on hold’ button releases on your life soon and you’ll find yourself going full speed ahead towards great things!

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