My blended Graded Unit 2 & Packaging 2 brief from my Graphic Design HND

Hiya luvvies!

I thought I would share with you today some images from my Graded Unit 2 &  Packaging 2 units (that’s 2 double credit units… i.e. this project is essentially worth 4 units in total) from my HND.

This blended project was an absolute joy to work on. I loved every last second of time I spent on it and would happily have spent more time if I could have.

This work gained me not only the highest mark in the class but one of the 2 highest marks ever achieved in the college for my course (and the other guy was a teacher) so as you can imagine, I am outrageously pleased with what I have been able to produce.

I’ve included the images below (Click to enlarge) minus images of one piece (the panda box seen in the last image) as I hope to develop that one further. When it’s done you will see it. Whether you see images of it here or see it in a store is another matter entirely! 😂😂😂

Feel free to comment/query 😉

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