When Professionals are ‘Incompetent’

Well worth the read. And even the very best professional can be unconsciously ignorant. My GP for example though through his reaction and my reaction to it he became consciously ignorant and went on to do in depth research on the subject. I do feel though that teachers need more support and training in the psychology and mental health issues as well as developmental disorders to ensure all children are supported as they should be.

It Must Be Mum

I was struggling significantly with the unfathomable behaviour of Peterโ€™s head teacher until a friend reminded me about a thing called unconscious incompetence โ€“ and then it all fell into place.

With unconscious incompetence you donโ€™t know what you donโ€™t know.ย  This described many of Peterโ€™s teachers, his SENCo and head teacher nicely.ย  I particularly love this description of it:

โ€œYou are blissfully ignorant: you have a complete lack of knowledge and skills in a specific area, and youโ€™re unaware of this. Your confidence therefore far exceeds your abilities.โ€ ย (reference here)

Oh how I longed to tell them that their confidence in the subject of Special Educational Needs far exceeded their abilityโ€ฆ..

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