The Highland Queen by Karen Gray (SOTAR Book #4)

Gads could I have wished for a better review? Nope. No sir I couldn’t!

Cover to Cover

The Saga of Thistles and Roses continues! To celebrate the release of The Highland Queen,  3 – Dec – 2016 is one good day for an interested bookworm because Books #1-3 are available for free! Grab ’em while you can!


Book #1-For King and Country was recommended to me by Anne at InkedBrownies and man did I love that book! 27th Century Scotland with lot of animal to human connection and swordfighting…Strong female character Mórag who managed to knock Nevernight’s Mia off first place! Just.Simply.Loved.It. Book#1 made me feel like I was a child exploring the world…

Mòrag is about to enter a brutal world of conflict and turmoil which will challenge everything she knows and believes in.

Goodreads ¦ Amazon UK ¦ USA

What followed was my binge on Books 2 and 3…

Book #2-Chains of Blood and Steelwas equally mind blowing, so many twists and…

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