The Highland Queen Launch Day Promotion (3/12/2016)

Hiya luvvies!

Launch day is almost upon us and I have for you a special treat. Not one but all three of my already published SoTaR books will be free to download from Amazon for launch day only.

So if the fourth book tickles your fancy and you don’t already have the first three, you can grab all 4 and only pay for the newest release.

This is a launch day only promotion so don’t miss it! I’ve included cover art, blurbs and links for you below (minus the link for The Highland Queen which will follow in an updated post) – Coz I’m nice that way 😉

For King and Country – Get it FREE on LAUNCH DAY here

bk1 posterSM

Mòrag’s world is one of proud magical creatures and fierce armies bristling with steel and sorcery.

Welcome to twenty-seventh century post-apocalyptic Scotland; where immortal beasts roam wild in the countryside, mighty princes battle for power and the common folk do their best to avoid being trampled in their

Born of a forbidden coupling between the Albannach and Sasannach royal houses; Mòrag is destined to rule. But her birth righ t has been kept secret – even from her, and discovery of her royal blood could cost her life.

Mòrag is no ordinary girl. Her royal blood’s hidden talents begin to reveal themselves during her military training at Sruighlea Castle, and she is suddenly in a lot more trouble than she ever dreamed of.

Mòrag is about to enter a brutal world of conflict and turmoil which will challenge everything she knows and believes in.

Chains of Blood and Steel – Get it FREE on LAUNCH DAY here

Chains of Blood and Steel SMt

Six months after the communication by Edward, Mòrag is still trying to piece things together. She trains daily with Colonel Tesso, in an attempt to bring her physical skills up to match her mental ones.

Brax battles with visions of his master and fears his presence will put Mòrag in danger as his mental chains are pulled tighter.

The spy-master’s daughter struggles to deal with her abusive father, hiding a secret she is prepared to take to the grave.

John who’s life has been a lie, discovers the truth about himself through Ava. Brought together after he catches her failed attempted suicide, they overcome the chains of blood and steel that imprison them.

Battle of the Bannockburn – Get it FREE on LAUNCH DAY here

BK3 posterSMIn the smoky aftermath of the still smouldering remains of several buildings in Sruighlea Castle, chaos reigns supreme.Edward has assumed control of Sasann and proclaimed himself king, and with the Devil’s Dog is back under the controling hand of his master, no one dares challenge him.Mòrag struggles with the darkness growing inside her, and without Brax’s calming companionship, her fragile control is slipping.When Edward sends his pet to sack one of Alba’s border towns, Mòrag retaliates by striking out at Edward’s own home in Lunnainn, triggering a freefall of events that culminate in a full-scale battle on the Bannockburn. 

The Highland Queen – Get it in the UK HEREGet it in the US HERE

bk4 posterSMWe rejoin Mòrag and her companions in their flight from the Bannockburn battlefield. Her people are scattered and wounded. Many have been imprisoned and many more have been put to death and she — along with the surviving members of her group — are headed deep into the highlands of Alba under the blanketing safety of Alba’s artificial winter.Mòrag, still wounded from the border breach and exhausted by the use of Rhona’s blood-charm is struggling to retain control — worsened still by the capture of her Berserker Guard.The Mackenzie clan play host to the Bhanrigh in their highland stronghold of Eilean Donnain, where for the time being, they reside in relative safety. But that safety can only last so long… The highland clans continue raiding and bickering amongst themselves, and Edward’s ever oppressive forces resident in Sruighlea pose a constant threat.Mòrag can only hope that she will regain enough strength to be able to unite the opposing clans of the highlands under one banner if she is to have any chance of success against her father.

Don’t miss this special offer, because once launch day’s done, the offer is done too!

Cheerie-bye the noo!

xx Karen xx

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  1. LizScanlon says:

    ooh.. I better get that review written asap… the 3rd has creeped up so quickly! Congrats on releasing your 4th book! ❤

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