The Highland Queen – FULL Cover Reveal and Updated Blurb

Here you go luvvies! The updated blurb and full cover reveal for the fourth book in my series – The Highland Queen.

We are back to a Mòrag centric storyline though once again we take a jump up in the number of story threads woven into the main arc. Mòrag is however the central character once more.

We meet some new friends and new foes within these pages and although I still maintain that the third book is the most important as it links not only the first and second series, but the third and fourth as well, EVERYTHING in this book is relevant to something which will come later, whether in book five, series two, series three or a specific origin story — this book is equally as important as its predecessor and I am quite proud of what I have achieved here. But I must again stress…


I am really looking forward to hearing reader’s thoughts on this one!!

Anyway, without further ado… I present for you the updated blurb and full cover spread xx

We rejoin Mòrag and her companions in their flight from the Bannockburn battlefield. Her people are scattered and wounded. Many have been imprisoned and many more have been put to death and she — along with the surviving members of her group — are headed deep into the highlands of Alba under the blanketing safety of Alba’s artificial winter.

Mòrag, still wounded from the border breach and exhausted by the use of Rhona’s blood-charm is struggling to retain control — worsened still by the capture of her Berserker Guard.

The Mackenzie clan play host to the Bhanrigh in their highland stronghold of Eilean Donnain, where for the time being, they reside in relative safety. But that safety can only last so long… The highland clans continue raiding and bickering amongst themselves, and Edward’s ever oppressive forces resident in Sruighlea pose a constant threat.

Mòrag can only hope that she will regain enough strength to be able to unite the opposing clans of the highlands under one banner if she is to have any chance of success against her father.

The Highland Queen final paperback.png

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4 Responses to The Highland Queen – FULL Cover Reveal and Updated Blurb

  1. Steve Drake says:

    Looks good! Sounds good! Can’t wait!

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  2. LizScanlon says:

    Exciting! 🙂 I can’t wait for book 5 now 😀 hahaha…

    Liked by 1 person

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