A Braw 5 Star Review of Chains of Blood and Steel on Goodreads :)


“Karen Gray’s Saga of Thistles and Roses series recieved it’s second installment before I became a fan, and I was thrilled to get stuck into it knowing there was enough to keep me going. It has to be said that I absolutely adored the first of the series, but the second knocks it out of the park. Characters that seemed to be sides and plot aides in the first book are put into stark perspective in the second. Such beautiful character development and such strong characters are what make this series one of my favourites of all time. There is also huge development of the world in this tbook. Our map is broadened with the addition of new countries and nationalities and our protagonists travel far and wide through beautifully described settings. Here, though our focus has shifted to a new set of main characters whose plot arc unfolds throughout the book, however we are never left wondering as to what our other characters are up to. I feel that Karen Gray’s additions to the main plot fit in smoothly and flow beautifully so that the reader is never left wanting, and even the smallest of details can become significant later on. Shr provides a mixture of paces that allow the reader time to breathe in between the action but never disinterests or confuses the reader with too-long periods of calm.
Overall I loved this book, it was both enchanting and heartbreaking and dealt with issues few would think to tackle. I simply cannot wait for the rest of the series.”

SOURCE:Β https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1570117205

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