A Braw 5 Star Review of Battle of the Bannockburn on Goodreads :)


“Another absolutely outstanding book by Karen Gray. This third of five installments in the saga of thistles and roses has once again topped it’s predecessors with beautiful character arcs, dizzying plot twists, action, suspense and adventure. In this book yet again the reader’s focus turns from out original main characters and expands the plot and the map whilst also shedding light on the true natures of previously unexplored personalities. New relationships bloom beautifully in the face of adversity and new characters steal your heart as faster than I would have thought possible. My heart bled for these characters in a way that is very rare and real to me and I found myself laughing out loud, crying, cursing and gasping along with the twists and turns of the rollercoaster plot.
Karen’s writing is jam packed with beautiful turns of phrase and deeply interesting writing style. Her way of writing in each character’s point of view is so clear and true to the personality that they are immediately recognisable.
The setting is beautifully described and (with the exception integral changes due to the nature of the world) very true to life. As a Scot myself I find it extremely validating to see Scottish people portrayed with such diverse personalities, with accurate speech patterns and slang.
Gray’s unstereotypical portrayals of nationalities whilst also respecting their individual customs and traditions is just another reason why I love this series. Bring on book four!”

SOURCE:Β https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1570117205

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    This is awesome!!

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