For King and Country

Brilliant review of For King and Country. Thanks so much Bookheathen 😊

Bookheathen's Right to Read

by Karen Gray

‘History’ – it’s not what you think!

This novel came to my attention through a recommendation  by Anne on WordPress. I don’t usually read high fantasy these days but the book’s description – swords and castles, mythological beasts and twenty-seventh century Scotland – was irresistible, so I bought it and promised to read it.


Karen Gray has created a world that mixes an historical past with a  future post-apocalyptic century inhabited by people and strange beasts with telepathic powers. The feel is mediaeval, and we can almost imagine we are in the Scotland of the Stewart kings, or maybe Robert Bruce, but with technology that is at once advanced for then and primitive for now.

” ‘When the Albannach princess was taken south as a hostage to control the nobility of Alba, there was widespread outrage. The highland clans conspired to steal her away home, but their…

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4 Responses to For King and Country

  1. bookheathen says:

    Perhaps I should mention the curious coincidences that seem to link us:-
    My sister lived many years in Livingston, West Lothian. [I read in your bio that you were born there] Her married name is now Gray. My eldest niece is called Karen [though she isn’t a Gray].


    • Karen Gray says:

      Whoa 6 degrees of separation huh? How strange indeed. Depending on where and the time frame I may have known her but I have been back and forth from Aberdeen, Glasgow and all over the place since 2001. It’s got soooo big since then. I remember when I could see Livi south station from the window (we were the last street before the river) and now there’s just no way.


  2. bookheathen says:

    I haven’t been there much in recent years. Sister now lives on outskirts, near the motorway/Dechmont area.

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    • Karen Gray says:

      I actually miss Livingston. I still visit my mum and brother there. I liked the mix of urban and rural. I prefer rural though. Give me an isolated farm any day. Living in an industrial/shipping town isn’t my cup of tea.


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