For King and Country

Brilliant review of For King and Country. Thanks so much Bookheathen 😊

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4 Responses to For King and Country

  1. bookheathen says:

    Perhaps I should mention the curious coincidences that seem to link us:-
    My sister lived many years in Livingston, West Lothian. [I read in your bio that you were born there] Her married name is now Gray. My eldest niece is called Karen [though she isn’t a Gray].


    • Karen Gray says:

      Whoa 6 degrees of separation huh? How strange indeed. Depending on where and the time frame I may have known her but I have been back and forth from Aberdeen, Glasgow and all over the place since 2001. It’s got soooo big since then. I remember when I could see Livi south station from the window (we were the last street before the river) and now there’s just no way.


  2. bookheathen says:

    I haven’t been there much in recent years. Sister now lives on outskirts, near the motorway/Dechmont area.

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    • Karen Gray says:

      I actually miss Livingston. I still visit my mum and brother there. I liked the mix of urban and rural. I prefer rural though. Give me an isolated farm any day. Living in an industrial/shipping town isn’t my cup of tea.


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