An Act of Self-Interest

Says it all really.

Grouse Beater

AA1.jpgThe Act of Union – a law allowing nobility to profit over the masses. So, what’s new?

The tenets the 1707 Act of Union are as plain as the nose on your face – admittedly difficult to see from where your eyes sit unless viewed in a mirror.

The Act states unequivocally:

… “Two Nations”.

It does not state in any manner, way or form that two nations shall become one, act as one, or should be indistinguishable one from another.

There is nothing in the Act about one nation taking second place, being the poorer nation and remaining so, or having no place in world affairs.

Nor does the Act contain caveats that one nation shall control all power over taxes, money distribution, trade agreements, and foreign affairs. It makes clear the two sovereign nations shall remain so and separate in all but trade and banking.

I repeat: it does not…

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