Migrating from my website to my blog

I haven’t even looked at my website in AGES and I decided to update it a bitty yesterday and discovered that I’m so used to my wee blog here that I hated the website. Very strange. I decided to update it and at first it was fine – so I started altering layout and such (as you do) and then the whole thing went dead. Blank pages everywhere. My content was all still in the back end but no longer visible on the live website. So I cut my losses I have much more active content here on this blog and it makes sense for my books to be hosted on Thistleyroses instead. As for my thistles and roses domain and web hosting package – I will be using them to build a portfolio website for the Graphic Design and Photography. Somewhere to showcase the skills I have other than writing. I’ve begun the process, just working on the back end of the website atm and gathering the images I want to use as banners and such (the stock banner is still on it atm) I think it will be pretty nice and functional once it’s done. Miles better than my old one that’s for sure!


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