Dr Sophie’s plasters

Hehe I forgot I had written this on my other blog!. I really must transfer everything over to thistleyroses 🙂

Writings By Karen Gray

Gordon’s on the sofa bed,
Matthew’s on my knee,
Sophie’s at the table,
Sipping baby tea,

Daddy’s body’s ailing,
Baby’s got a cold,
Toddler’s healthy as a horse,
But just a little bored,

Gordon needs the doctor,
Matthew needs the nurse,
Sophie’s going to fix them both,
With plasters from her purse.

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11 Responses to Dr Sophie’s plasters

  1. Anne says:

    I hope she’s got enough plasters on her to heal up Matthew today :-*


  2. Karen Gray says:

    Thank you xxxx and to add to the drama. My thistlesandroses.co.uk website has taken a flakey and won’t show any of my content. Have I been hexed or something?


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