Battle of the Bannockburn FREE from 8th-12th September

Ok luvvies, last of my published books now and the first time it has been free since publication.

My personal favourite of the three – Battle of the Bannockburn. (Link HERE though there will be a link at the bottom too)


In the smoky aftermath of the still smouldering remains of several buildings in Sruighlea Castle, chaos reigns supreme.

Edward has assumed control of Sasann and proclaimed himself King, and with the Devil’s Dog back under the controlling hand of his master, no one dares challenge him.

Mòrag struggles with the darkness growing inside her, and without Brax’s calming companionship, her fragile control is slipping.

When Edward sends his pet to sack one of Alba’s border towns Mòrag retaliates by striking out at Edward’s own home in Lunnainn; triggering a free-fall of events that culminate in a full-scale battle on the Bannockburn.

This book will challenge your understanding of the SoTaR world and make you question some things while also answering questions you have had since book 1. This book is by far the most important in the series as it links not just the books in series 1, but sets up the hints of story arcs for series 2 and series 3.

As always I hope you enjoy my work and if you do please do let me know, drop me a line and post a review. Reader feedback is what this is all about for me!

Grab a copy of Battle of the Bannockburn HERE

As always folks, thanks for reading!

Cheerie-bye the noo! xx

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