Well you know life and stuff… It slows you down and you don’t get round to posting the things you need to post. I have a new “A little to the left of normal” episode to post when I get time to write the damn thing down and oh my goodness rejoice and be happy, do a dance and sing because not one not two but all three of my published books have been nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards 2016 ( #SIBA on Facebook and Twitter) I will have a full blog post on this once my broadband is fixed (if ever!) Because writing a full post on my phone is a nightmare. It can be done, it’s just not as easy as on the comp.

Anyways this has just been a quick note to say hi, I’m still here and watch this space.

Oh! I also plan to post a little snippet of book 4 tomorrow, just a wee little sneak peek with no spoilers unless you’ve really been paying attention πŸ˜‰


Cheerie-bye the noo!


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