Aspie Toolkit – 10 Things Every Aspie Should Have at All Times

Anonymously Autistic

1. Noise canceling headphones – to help take a break from your surroundings.Sometimes I need to check out to avoid sensory overload or block out distractions so I can work / focus on other things.

2. Sunglasses – for light sensitivities. I try to stay in the shade when outdoors but I need sunglasses even on rainy days (and sometimes indoors). I have special colored lenses to help with the florescent lights in stores and office.

3. Hats – Hats with brims are great to block out glaring lights. I also like hats that come down around my face on days that I do not feel like looking at people or being looked at. On sensory days or when I am tired, I honestly don’t have the energy to socialize with strangers – so I don’t.

4. Something to fiddle with – if you need a break / distraction Book, iPod…

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