College Project -Observational Drawing

Hiya luvvies,

Thought I’d share with you a wee college unit  completed today. With all the ups and downs at college this year with the fight to stop the powers that be from cutting our course, this unit got pushed by the wayside in favour of time to work on our graded unit. I had a good bash at it over the last day and a half and managed to produce 40 images that I’m pretty happy with. Some are a bit pants but considering the fact I was finger painting and such, I suppose it was never going to be a masterpiece.

The brief was at least 20 images from your environment (some man made and some natural) using a wide variety of techniques and medium. I decided to do a variation on a theme and use only two images with the different techniques. I did way more images than I meant to but to be honest 20 pictures would have taken me 1/2 way through my sketchbook and it irked me that there would be half a book of empty pages… so I filled them.


My favourites are the pointillism and word art images.

Cheerie-bye the noo!

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