Part 3 – College Project – “World Without Words” – Through the Eyes of Aspie Ladies

Hiya luvvies!

I bring you salutations, elation and  general all round happiness as I have finished my World Without Words project! BOOST! (at least… finished it as far as college is concerned.) I will continue to work on this in my own time because it’s far, far bigger than I have space and time for in this unit.

Ok so here is how the artwork turned out once painted…

I went ahead and put these into a rough “comic strip” layout with speech and thought bubbles for the icons, but I quickly discovered that it was just WAAAY too busy. ALso I decided to substitute the “But you look normal” title for my frequently used “A little to the left of normal” You will notice I also pinched the title image for my Wednesday Autism/Asperger’s serial.

VERY ROUGHThe bubbles just detract to much from the images and I was so deflated I wanted to chuck the lot oot the windae.

I didn’t do this (obviously) Istead I’ve gone for a more “info poster” type approach and I think it works really well. 10000000x better than the poorly articulated fakery that is my attempt at a comic style booklet!


All in all I’m really pleased with this little project 🙂 I am a little gutted that I had to drop the “spade of irrefutable truth” though , as it was one of my favourite concepts, but I will find a way to incorporate it as I build on this over time.

I invite any comments questions and suggestions on this one as its my aim to produce a fully functioning set of emojis and or digital stickers for social media with these.

Thanks for reading luvvies 🙂

Cheerie-bye the noo!

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One Response to Part 3 – College Project – “World Without Words” – Through the Eyes of Aspie Ladies

  1. Anne says:

    Glad you threw out the bubbles :). They were pretty distracting idd! Still thinks the end result looks absolutely fab!


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