College Project – Typographic Heroes – Complete :)

I finally got round to lettering my poster for Typographic Heroes. I am pretty pleased with it now it’s done. I think there is something just a little quirky about paying homage to the great designers of type by using as little in the way of digital tools as possible. Sure they are legends in the digital world but they are designers first and they started on paper before they ever moved to computer screen. That said, I could probably have done these way quicker had I just used Illustrator and Photoshop. But what would be the meaning of that? To me, absolutely pointless. I love how organic they look.

13226801_502407699943537_7693422216528617795_nNot the best photo, the others I scanned in at college with the big posh scanner, my scanner at home isn’t big or posh (its about 10 years old and A4, topping an old laser printer) so its just a picture I snapped with my phone lol.typographic heroes

I’m pretty pleased with this project in general actually πŸ™‚ I would have loved to spend WAAAAY more time adding to it, and I may do, but in my own time as I want to get as much handed in tomorrow as possible so I can dedicate the last 2 weeks solely to my graded unit.

Cheerie-bye the noo luvvies!

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