College Project: Typographic Heroes

Hiya luvvies,

I thought I’d take some time today to post about a project through which has blossomed my newfound “special interest” in typography and hand lettering.

Typographic heroes is a project I was told about at the start of the course and I looked forward to it all the way through the first two terms. The basic principle is to research the great typographers from the given list, though you do have the option to use someone not on the list if they have enough work and reference material. I picked three from the list.

Hermann Zapf was a given. I was becoming interested in calligraphy just before I started term 3 and Hermann Zapf was not only a great typographer, he was a master penman.

Zizanna Licko was my next choice. I wanted at least one woman in the mix and of the available choices, I loved how Licko went against the grain and used what everyone else was trying to avoid. She made pixilation and angled curves into desirable typefaces.

I completed my trio with the great Frederic Goudy. I often hear self published authors talk of Garamond. Garamond, Garamond, Garamond. It is hailed as an industry standard and yet Goudy Old Style is far superior in both regular and italicised type. Don’t get me wrong. Garamond is a nice font. But it’s not Goudy 😉

I thought a good long while about how to best represent these legends of type, but it was in practicing a hand lettered version of Zapf’s name that I decided I wanted the leaflets I was to create to be made up of organic, handmade textures/images bar obviously each designer’s photo and the TATE logo.

Each of their names I hand lettered and painted with watercolours. I use Russian watercolour paints called St Petersburg “White Nights.” I absolutely LOVE these paints! They are real pigment, whole, pored pans. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE!!!!!

Anyways once I’d done that I knew I wanted that soft or perhaps rustic look. I ended up using a faded watercolour wash. Simple, yet effective. And I stuck to more of a letterpress setup for the main body type. Partly because I automatically went into book mode when formatting the paragraphs, and partly because I am trying to use an organic look for these designers of digital type. Digital is what people remember but they also produced type for print and I wanted that to show. So while the others in the class used 3 or 4 columns for their text – similar to a magazine format. I used 2 (one column per page)

I think they look really good, and while I look at ones done in previous years and some that have been done in our class, even though my leaflets are totally different from the others, there is absolutely nothing I would change about them, Not a thing. I think they are simple and rustic and that is exactly how I wanted to make them. Job done. Now all I need to do is a poster advertisement to go with them.

Anyways here they are. (They are printed onto white cartridge paper so no outlines I’m afraid)



———-Outside Cover Back——————–Outside Cover Front————


————–Inside Left—————————–Inside Right————


———-Outside Cover Back——————–Outside Cover Front————


————–Inside Left—————————–Inside Right————


———-Outside Cover Back——————–Outside Cover Front————


————–Inside Left—————————–Inside Right————

My friend Holly thinks they look like money lol! You know I think she’s right!

Typography = cool (like fezs’ and bowties – and fish fingers & custard!!-)


Cheerie-bye the noo!

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3 Responses to College Project: Typographic Heroes

  1. Anne says:

    Awesome! They do look really good and *drools* 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Karen Gray says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’ve been painting my Aspie icons too, just 4 to do then I will be able to show the midway and end result. Will be complete to hand in next week at the latest I think. Same with Typographic heroes which leaves me 2 weeks to do 20 drawings and finish my graded unit. Then it’s summer and I can finish books 4 and 5! YAY!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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