PART 2 – College Project – “World Without Words” – Through the Eyes of Aspie Ladies

Hiya luvvies!

I finally got my icons finalised and inked for my World Without Words project. Yay me! Lol.

These will go in thought bubbles with the exception of “the spade of irrefutable truth” which will be in a speech bubble attached to our Aspie lady.

I will use normal icons and emoji’s for any speech of other characters in the scenes but the aim here is to create Aspie specific icons.

So here goes…

Tunnel vision this is because in the scene she is at the keyboard and focused on the keys (I don’t look at the screen when I type. Keys only) hence my choice of focus point. Really if I get these into a textable emoji form I would either have tunnel vision empty and able to be paired with a theme or several different themes at the centre of the tunnel.


Scratchy – fabric, irritated skin,  grating noises etc etc etc


Disorientation and dizziness from bright lights (fluorescent ones in the supermarket being pretty hard to cope with for many Aspies as we know was easier to portray with a bulb style light though)


Lack of emotion transferring to expression. Happiness showing as a blank expression being only one example.


Pain – shown in conjunction with another icon like scratchy or too loud or too bright.


The spade of irrefutable truth.  A spade’s a spade… need I say more?


Selective mutism. As I mentioned before I have 2 scenes for this so that it is clear that it appears in different forms and circumstances. The inability to string a sentence together or speak at all in response to whatever stimulus, it’s different for every Aspie.


And finally I have meltdown. At first I wasn’t sure what to put into this but then I thought… well it’s like a jumbled mess of information, disorientation and at times pain. So that’s what I drew.


This list really is just a basic cross section of emoticons that I feel Aspies would resonate strongly with.

I would be thrilled to hear what all you Aspergirl’s out there think. And if there are any you feel I have missed that you would like to see please suggest them in the comments. My aim after the unit is complete is to create a usable set of emoji’s from these that I aim to have available free to download and use on phones, tablets and on laptops etc.

Anyways as always thanks for dropping by luvvies.

Cheerie-bye for now xx

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