Part 1 – College Project – “World Without Words” – Through the Eyes of Aspie Ladies

Hiya luvvies!

Taking a little time out from my “World Without Words” sketches to work out in my head how to proceed to the next couple of them, in order to finish my wee set for college which will become a booklet. Need to get straight what I want to achieve here to spark my brain and I thought rather than scribble on a random sheet of paper that I would write it into my blog instead πŸ™‚

The basic requirements for this unit were to create a story (as in a day in the life) using icons rather than words OR to take 6 well known pictograms and redesign them.

At first I had no clue at all about how or what to do for this unit. I knew I wanted to incorporate Asperger’s in some way. My reasons being thatΒ there isn’t really anything like this for Aspies and there isn’t anything at all that I can find for adult females that acts like quick and easy to use pictograms or emojis; but I was stumped at how to explain each image without words, because Asperger’s is complicated to explain in the first place. Thankfully my lecturer came to my aid, mentioning that I could do it like a graphic novel and so I had a eureka moment. The icons will be what explains the feelings and the surrounding image will show the trigger.

Currently I’ve been inking images onto watercolour paper to be coloured later before adding the icons in speech and thought bubbles.

So far I have my front cover image

image for obsessive interests (I may do another one or two, or I may just leave it as this one)


too loud/auditory pain

too bright/disorientation and pain from light stimulus

two separate images for selective mutism

to show it can be triggered in more than one way.

I still need to work on images depicting a scene to explain being direct, touch sensitivity/pain/discomfort andΒ lack of facial recognition/trouble “seeing” emotion. I have to figure out icons for taking things literally and facial expression mismatch to emotion as well as illustrations for them.

It irks me how so many people can be so dismissive over other peoples problems. You see it lot with disabilities and mental health issues, and you see it most toward those with invisible illnesses. Asperger’s is poorly understood and Asperger’s in adult females even more so. There is no rule book that can be followed for diagnostics, every single Aspie is different and each is moulded by many outside factors that they have to learn to deal with, each coping in a different way. Women in particular have an almost chameleonic ability to merge into their environment. We are natural copy cats and as such too many go undiagnosed.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone with Asperger’s struggles, and if they do struggle, often times they think that their difficulties are mirrored in everyone else, this is often not the case.

My hope is that I can help not so much with spreading awareness but spreading understanding. Because without understanding, acceptance is that much harder.

I could go on but I just got an idea so I’m away to sketch it out πŸ™‚

Cheerie-bye for now luvvies xx

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3 Responses to Part 1 – College Project – “World Without Words” – Through the Eyes of Aspie Ladies

  1. Anne says:

    These are by far the most awesome drawings I’ve seen about Aspie girls!

    Liked by 1 person

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